Clients are friends that give you money

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Do you ever feel awkward about asking your clients to help you, whether is feedback or something else? I recently mentioned to you how I’ve been in marketing mode and doing some deeper level interviews with some of my clients. At first I was hesitant about approaching them. Fears of imposing or overburdening sprung up…. Read more »

How to Sell to People

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How to Sell to People “Are you sure this is helping you? ” said a recent interviewee. “Oh yes, very much. Now what’s your favorite YouTube video? ” I asked. I had been interviewing an ideal client for marketing research and this particular gentlemen wasn’t quite sure he was answering the questions right. What was… Read more »

7 Easy Website Tweaks To Get More Customers

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7 Easy Website Tweaks To Get More Customers Your website should be working for you, but if you’re not happy with your results, enjoy these developer-free tweaks that you can handle all on your own. Change your domain name. Resist cute and go practical. Names that are too long or to rhyme-y get forgotten. If… Read more »