The Profit Power of Visually Appealing Information

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I was reading about new tech start ups this week and a company called caught my attention. offers infographics, statistics and data displayed with enhanced graphics. These are not your father’s pie charts. This is data made beautiful so that non-business/tech/financial geeks can digest and actually enjoy the information too. Infographics have been… Read more »

Geeking out about Profit!

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Are you reading through multiple newsletters, blogs and articles trying to follow the latest trending websites, apps or systems for business? Are you struggling to understand or decide which strategies and systems are going to really help you connect with your target market and which are just time-suckers? Can you afford your own rates while… Read more »

Tech Corner (working title)

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So we’re thinking this Tech review might become a regular piece of our newsletter. Digging deep into web technology is what we do best. (This is why a certain someone sleeps with an iPhone under his pillow…to constantly have access to the latest tech releases.) And sharing all the wonderful gadgets, widgets and apps with… Read more »

Pawling Library Workshop – Pawling Press

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Craftwerks donated their time to host a sold-out workshop at the Pawling Library. If you are interested in hosting an event to help inform your community about the power of websites, social media and internet marketing, please contact us!

Game Changer of 2011

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90% of my working hours  are spent online and half of that is giving one on one tutorials with my clients or giving an online workshop to a group. Explaining how to use online applications without being able to visually show examples was challenging. In fact, it could be a comedy skit straight out of… Read more »

Don’t Work On Your Business In December

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All too often, people start cramming on their businesses in December with rushed sales and creating holiday products that are just going to get scrapped in January. The results are often disastrous. We say take a break, pause and don’t work on your website design or other serious renovations and business changes. Enjoy the holidays…. Read more »

Can you really do it all? And for how long?

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I’m pretty sure I could write a ballad about the love-hate relationship I have with marketing campaigns. When I worked for other companies and my sole job was marketing, I didn’t break a sweat. I didn’t have to worry about the accounting department. I didn’t have to make sure HR issues where being addressed appropriately…. Read more »