Clients are friends that give you money

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Do you ever feel awkward about asking your clients to help you, whether is feedback or something else? I recently mentioned to you how I’ve been in marketing mode and doing some deeper level interviews with some of my clients. At first I was hesitant about approaching them. Fears of imposing or overburdening sprung up…. Read more »

How to Sell to People

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How to Sell to People “Are you sure this is helping you? ” said a recent interviewee. “Oh yes, very much. Now what’s your favorite YouTube video? ” I asked. I had been interviewing an ideal client for marketing research and this particular gentlemen wasn’t quite sure he was answering the questions right. What was… Read more »

Lead Love: Ladies & Gents Recipe for Lead Conversion

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Successful lead conversion requires successful relationships and we think successful relationships have all the ingredients that reflect love. Respect, showing interest, sharing interests, investing into each other. We draw these parallels into our business model. Following the Golden Rule of Do Unto Others, we go beyond courtesy to demonstrate that a lasting relationship is really… Read more »