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3 Questions to Grab Your Blog and Newsletter Subscribers Attention

I’m wondering if one of your goals for 2013 is to keep up with your blog. If you’re getting some push back from yourself, not sure what to blog about, I want to share with you the litmus test I created. When you check your blog posts or email campaigns against this litmus test, you’ll quickly know if you’re headed in the right direction.

Often business owners say the problem is they don’t know what to write. I think a more accurate diagnosis is that they don’t know what their list will read.  And it’s just easier not write them anything, than to have your writing rejected.

Ask yourself these 3 questions to grab your blog and newsletter subscribers attention:

  • Is this in line with my expertise? – Your subscribers came to you for your expertise that matches their need. Stay on topic and deliver what your reader has already made clear they are interested in. Sounds simple, but think of this: I come to your website because I’m looking for parenting advice for tweens. You offer weekly tips that I can implement right away with my 12 year old, so I sign up. In my first month you’ve sent 4 emails, only 1 was actually about tweens, the others talked about household items you favor, getting romance back in marriage and nutrition advice for busy moms. While technically these things are all relevant to someone such as myself, that isn’t what I came to you. So, I unsubscribe.  Am I hitting home? Let’s keep going.
  • Is this my voice? – You bring something unique to the table. In the field of _____________, you believe…  or  your approach is…. In addition to your unique selling point, you also have your own personality. These two are often the deciding factors in your potential client determining if you’re a good fit. To put it bluntly, they know what you do, they like you and they subscribe. See where I’m going with this? Blog posts and email campaigns are the communication tools you use to build the relationship and Trust. Nothing violates trust quicker than someone who flip-flops on their opinions, attitudes or personality. Hey, you might be a happy chipper person and some days you just have something more serious to say. But always stay true to who you are and what you believe.  If you write something that seems like a new direction for you, share with your audience the reason behind the shift.
  • Is my ideal client at this “location”? – This last question is for choosing the right place to post your article. When looking for guest blog opportunities or article submission websites, first check that your audience actively comes to that resource. Some things to look for: the topic and focus of the website, what audience is it geared towards, what content are they putting out and the comments from readers. These will all give you clues to know if the readers of that site share the same traits and needs of your readers.

When you write about your target market’s needs, while staying consistent to your unique perspective and approach, than you can be confident that your blog and newsletter subscribers will value and read your content.

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