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Have you ever struggled with resuming writing your blog after an extended absence?

I know I have. Thoughts like:

  • My readers are disappointed with me- how do I explain myself?
  • It’s been so long, they’ve forgotten me – whats the point?
  • How do I just “pop up” again and be relevant?

What if you never had to worry about justifying yourself?  What if you could seamlessly start a new conversation with natural ease and engagement?

Here’s the great news: you can! And no one is waiting on the other side of the screen to “shame on you” with crossed fingers like your grandmother would do when you sneaked cookies before dinner.

Here are two thoughts that helped me, personally, get moving and writing again.

First, I had to reject the guilt.  Feeling guilty wasn’t making me feel better or make progress and the reality is that some very real and attention-demanding things were happening for my family. (We’re moving from NY to TN but more on that on another date.)

I built my business in such a way and with the goal of being able to be present for my family. While I always want to be providing valuable information to clients and readers, I choose to embrace the positive fact that I have done just that- I had to momentarily sacrifice my blog, but I was right where I needed to be.

If you stepped away from your blog with legitimate cause (and I mean not with excuse, such as not knowing what to write about) then stop right now trying to justify yourself, embrace what you’ve accomplished and move on.

So how do you just start writing when you feel at square one and haven’t had recent engagement?

I turned to Twitter.

I absolutely love Twitter because it is always relevant. Because Twitter is instant live everyone chatting at once, you have access to current content. You can use Twitter’s search feature to look up trending topics of interest to you or your readers, or just look at your Twitter stream to see what conversations your connections are having.

Just this afternoon, I had a conversation with a few ladies about preferences on kid entertainment while traveling.

Don’t get me wrong- blogging and email marketing(newsletter) is an important part of your business model. But at the end of the day, you didn’t create your business to blog- you created it to support the life you want and sometimes that might result in a bump in your blogging road. Also, guilt is like quicksand and will only suck you farther away from where you want to get to.

Next time you find yourself with an unsightly date gap in your blog, shake off the guilt or excuses and start some conversations online. I’m betting you’ll find something to write about pretty quickly.

Do you have a great story or tip on resuming writing after a lapse? I’d love to hear from you- comment below!

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