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So I’m finding that hiring is the most dreaded task amongst us entrepreneurs. To begin with, we’re like new parents; we don’t want to leave our “baby” with a sitter. They might neglect it, they might screw up, no one loves it like we do. But how does that work out for us? Not too pretty. (If you are a parent, this applies too. Go on a date night already!)

We reach a point in our business where not hiring is not because we’re bootstrapping until we’re steady, it’s because we’re nervous and really don’t have a clue about how to go about it. There’s work that needs to be delegated but how should you find that right person? Linked In? Craigslist? Monster? And then who shifts through all those resumes?

Ok before I send you into orbit with more questions, I think I’ve found a cool solution. It’s an online software called ClearFit. It helps you create your job listing and then posts it to the places you choose. Applicants are than ranked by cultural fit and experienced and you receive the results along with personalized potential interview questions and their resume.

Sounds neat, right? We haven’t used it yet, but plan on taking it for a test drive in a month or so. I do want to add that this shouldn’t be the final decision maker. The hiring process it just that, a process. No matter how streamlined, it’s important to map out the gauntlet the applicants need to go through. And yes, it should be a gauntlet. As an entrepreneur you sweat and bleed for your business, you want people who demonstrate the same passion.

To hear more thoughts on a effective hiring process, check out the Entreleadership podcast, Hiring with Clint Smith.



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