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Are you reading through multiple newsletters, blogs and articles trying to follow the latest trending websites, apps or systems for business?

Are you struggling to understand or decide which strategies and systems are going to really help you connect with your target market and which are just time-suckers?

Can you afford your own rates while you crank out hours recreating instead of “rinse and repeating”?

Research is timely and time is money; but can you afford to do nothing to streamline your marketing and sales processes?

Welcome to ProfitGeek Insider!

Think of ProfitGeek as your own personal team of business tech geeks scurrying aroundgathering the latest data, sorting through the clutter and delivering a fully translated, jargon-free report with how to save money and make money, right in your inbox in time for morning coffee. Ahhhh.

With the rapid evolution of the internet, everyday new advances are made in technology. Apps that track pipeline, sales, invoices and productivity. Websites to connect you directly with your market or make strategic business relationships.

With your weekly ProfitGeek Insider, you will make decisions quickly and confidently about what will move you forward towards your business style and financial goals.

The best part, ProfitGeek Insider is completely complimentary!

Have a great weekend!

Your ProfitGeeks,

Erica and Rick

P.S. ProfitGeek is a service by Craftwerks New Media Inc, which means it’s 100% focused on helping you increase visibility, credibility and profit!

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