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I’ll be the first to admit that Facebook lost me. As a personal user, I was so B-O-R-E-D.  And then, BAM, Facebook Timeline was unleashed and I was on  it as  fast as I was 6 years ago and coming back for more multiple times a day.

Talk about captivating an audience.

For those of you unfamiliar, Facebook Timeline is the new visual interface for Facebook profiles that offers a more visually dynamic layout of your profile content. A large cover image graces the top of your profile with a subtle but perfectly sized space for a smaller image. All your activity, posts and pictures are laid out in a vertical timeline on both left and right.

So what’s this got to do with your business? Well aside from the fact that Facebook usage has gone back up,(meaning your potential clients are back on it to potentially find you) it means when they do get to your company page, you’ve got a lot more graphic umph to wow them with.

So let’s talk Real Estate.

That cover image, don’t go thinking logo. Think out of the box. If you’re an artist or designer, showcase your masterpieces here. If your business is service oriented, try a graphic that embodies the benefits or results that your clients experience.  Or you can do a creative team photo or location photo. The point is you have a huge eye grabbing space. That smaller photo space? That’s where you put your logo or branding.

Now let’s talk content.

The Timeline is made for storytelling, which is exactly what your business needs to be doing, telling its story. Your story is what makes you different, sets you apart, personifies your company(especially if it’s a larger size) and gets your ideal clients to connect with you.

With simple image uploads you can share where your company began, the ideas and people that spawned it, some of your achievements…the sky really is the limit. Our “give me know society” that skims through articles and clicks from page to page now can  in mere moments grasp a much bigger and fuller picture of your business in a format that actually interests and excites them!

Upping your visibility and credibility (leading to PROFIT)  really doesn’t get any easier than this and to help you see the potential here, check out Mashable’s video montage of what some popular brands have done.

Don’t want to ride the Facebook rollercoaster alone? Link up with a ProfitGeek for a private tutorial by calling 914-407-4335 or email



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