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I hope you’re enjoying reading this as much as I am writing. Let’s dive in!

Last Thursday we talked about your voice. What it sounds like to what you’re saying about you, working with you and the value of those. Now let’s figure out who you are saying it to. That’s right, I am asking you to entertain the idea of narrowing down your target market to a niche.

Here’s 2 great reasons why:

  • The people who are your people want to hear from you and buy from you. They are the ones who are already looking for you and who will become raving fans once they find you.
  • When you know who they are, you can focus your time and your marketing dollars (which saves you more than a few pennies.)


Start by making a short list using these simple qualifying questions.

  • Who would resonate with my unique voice, really appreciating it?
  • Who do the benefits of my work impact the most?
  • Who already sees the value of my service and has demonstrated interest or buying in this general area already?
  • If money were no object, who would I hire as a client? (As opposed to them hiring me.)


Next, create a max of 3 avatars of ideal clients going in detail of where they live, employment, hobbies etc. Find and assign a picture that embodies each one. Lastly, put it aside and revisit on another day to see if you still feel the same way and they meet the criteria you are looking for.

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