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I scrapped the original paragraph here. It was too much what you’ve heard before, so I’ll get straight to the point.

You need to delegate tasks in your business because you can’t do it all, you don’t want to do it all and doing it all will suck the time and passion out of your business. You didn’t start your business to be your own secretary, web designer or any other profession other than your unique gift.

You know this, so why haven’t you done it yet?

Because delegation is scary. It means you have to relinquish some control and you have to trust. (Funny, just dawned on me this is parallel to marriage too, but that’s another conversation.) The truth is delegation involves relationships whether it’s an assistant or a hired professional.

Virtual Assistants(VAs) have become the popular resource to solopreneurs in recent years, but often I encounter stories of negative experiences. Usually, it’s a result of unmet expectations ranging from trying to micromanage to not giving enough direction. (Actually, this also happens when working with a  graphic or web designer.)

Aside from reminding you of the crucial importance of delegating tasks within your company, I want to give you some tactical resources to help.

  • Time tracking: If seeing how time is spent is particularly important to you, trying using a time tracking software such as Klok or the time tracker in Freshbooks.
  • File Sharing: If being able to keep tabs on a project or security of documents is a focal point, I recommend using cloud storage. Dropbox safely stores your files and allows you to “share” or give access to specific ones simply by emailing an invitation. You can view the file and contents at any time from your browser, smartphone or desktop.

Delegation only works when you invest the time to find the right person and when you are efficient at giving the directions and stepping away. Be when you step away, you can actually step back into making money doing what you love.

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