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If what you’re doing in your business isn’t working, admit it, then go change.

Am I being harsh? I don’t think so.

Last week at Be The Change Event 2012, Suzanne Evans shook (and shocked) some doey-eyed entrepreneurs back into their businesses with  these 3 truths.

Branding…It Matters! It matters on your website, on your business cards and everything else you present your business on. Why? Because technology has raised the bar and the consumer expects professionalism and high level service. Make sure your branding is consistent on all your platforms and accurately represents your business style and value.

Message…Tell it like it is! Clear and straight to the point messaging makes it easy for a potential client to determine if you’re the right fit for their needs. It should make it clear what you offer, how it addresses their problem and have a call to action, ideally contacting you.

Sales…You aren’t in business without it! No skirting the issue here; you need to sell in order to keep your doors open. But I LOVE how Suzanne teaches sales and I hope it’s as revolutionary for you as it was for me. Sales is service. You cannot help the people you are uniquely gifted to, unless they buy from you.

If you want to be the change in your industry,  have a Brand that stands out and offers value, a message that attracts your ideal clients, and ask everyone to work with you. Because it is in your work with your clients, where that change happens.

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