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If you answered the call to yesterday’s survey, Thank you! If not, you’ll still find the results helpful.
The question was “What is your biggest Marketing roadblock?” The four possible answers were:

  • I need a step-by-step complete marketing system to follow.
  • I need an action oriented plan to jump-start and motivate me!
  • I need practical and customizable tools and strategies.
  • I have the “toolbox” but I need to know how to really implement what’s right for my business

Initially, as I watched your results come in, the majority said option 2, needing an action plan to jump-start and motivate. But currently, 44% of small business owners in the PG community want tools and strategies that they can customize for their own practical use.

The kick off practical, customizable strategy for 2013 is….Surveys. (Did you see that coming?)

Surveys give you insight into what your audience cares about and needs, allowing you to make offers they’ll be willing and eager to respond to. Here’s how to put one together:

  • Use a survey service such as survey monkey. (They have a free model.)
  • Pick a question that will get to the heart of your clients’ problem that your service solves. ie. If you’re a image consultant you might ask “What keeps you from enjoying shopping?”
  • Go to Amazon and search terms that your customers would use to find a solution to that problem. Here’s another example: You’re in the home services industry and you want to know what keeps your market from moving forward on their dream project. You would want to search possible solutions for a home owner to start a home renovation project.” Hiring contractors”, “DIY home flooring”, “Saving for a large home renovation” are all options.
  • ¬†Comb through the consumer comments on the most popular book results and find the 3 predominant trends in the comments. What are the readers most excited about? Which problems did the book solve for them? How does this relate to what you do?
  • Use the top 3-4 user needs as the answers to your survey question(s) and try to use the same wording because this is the language your client uses.
  • Listen to your audience and tweak your messaging to reflect the needs they share with you.

Again, thank you for your support and we are excited to continue serving your tech & marketing needs in 2013!

-Erica &  PG Team

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