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So we’re thinking this Tech review might become a regular piece of our newsletter. Digging deep into web technology is what we do best. (This is why a certain someone sleeps with an iPhone under his pillow…to constantly have access to the latest tech releases.) And sharing all the wonderful gadgets, widgets and apps with you, well, that’s what we love to do best, especially when we know it can make a difference in your business.

This week I was checking out several cloud bookkeeping and accounting softwares. As small business owners know, bookkeeping is not easy, fun or cheap.

Until now.

Who knew that there were so many choices? But I’ll narrow it down to a few to take a peek at: FreshBooks, Outright, and Xero.

Each one offers a different means of importing data including; spreadsheets, QuickBooks files, google apps and even direct account connections. The collected data then makes it easy to create invoices and view reports. FreshBooks and Outright offer free editions and Xero does offer a trial subscription.

Your unique business needs and preferences will determine which is the right fit for you, but our recommendation is for FreshBooks, which has the cleanest and simplest navigation and layout. Invoicing is done in clicks with fields prepopulating from Google and other apps. It also maintains a Profit & Loss report, priceless to have at your fingertips during tax time, IRS inquiries or when applying for loans.

You may have to wear many hats as an entrepreneur, but thanks to improving technology your “accounting hat” can be much lighter and worn less frequently. We hope you’ve enjoyed and benefited from this Tech review! Be sure to stop by our Facebook page to share your thoughts.

Erica & Rick

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