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I was reading about new tech start ups this week and a company called caught my attention. offers infographics, statistics and data displayed with enhanced graphics. These are not your father’s pie charts. This is data made beautiful so that non-business/tech/financial geeks can digest and actually enjoy the information too. Infographics have been growing in popularity for this very reason. Companies and individuals can now effectively get their point across with the supporting data that just wasn’t as effective when it was 5 pages of graphs or worse, a 10 page written report.

How does this relate to you?

Most of our clients have looong pages of informational copy that they want on their website. Often times, they are adamant about this information or data being important for their potential client to know because it might sway their decision. The problem is, potential clients have a short attention span.  People want their information FAST. They want your website to load fast and they want to be able to know what you do, why you do it and how you do it, you guessed it, FAST.

Enter infographics.

If you can narrow down the most 1-3 important points you believe are necessary for someone to know that your product or service is right for them, than you can make an infographic. The best part is infographics can be fun. Be creative. Use images and typography(different fonts) to make it visually appealing and keep their attention. One suggestion would be to graphically show what this person’s life is without you and what it will look like with your product or service.

Imagery is more powerful than words with first impressions. Your website design needs to be appealing, but when you make sure the content¬† is appealing all the way to the order form, that’s when the cash register starts ringing.

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