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With wedding bells and graduation caps in the air, you might feel that no one is willing to give you their time and you might has well hang the “gone fishing ” sign for a few weeks. Today, I want to share with you how this is actually a fantastic time to woo your ideal client.

You’ve heard “Be more interested, instead of interesting” ? This is your moment to shine in that. Your ideal client may have some big life events happening and to try and refocus their attention elsewhere, well it could be perceived as just downright selfish. But I bet you would love it if they thought you were the most caring, thoughtful and generous [ insert your profession here.]

Yep, I’m talking good old-fashioned rapport building.

Listen (sincerely) to what news they are sharing with you and take notes. The options are endless, but to get you started think: Would sending a card be appropriate? Flowers? A small gift? The goal is to show this person that you care about them and not just getting their business. That you can celebrate with them (or mourn). That you are relatable, trustworthy, and honorable.

These are the actions and traits that will set you apart from your would-be competition and create raving fans. You don’t need to do anything fancy (and I don’t recommend expensive), but go ahead and have fun with it. Remember, this isn’t a season of “It isn’t a good time.” It’s a season of ” I’d like to get to know you.” If you’re ever in doubt, switch perspectives and think what you would appreciate if you were in their shoes.

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