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To maintain her privacy, we’ll call her Hannah. Hannah attended one of our Virtual Website Make-Over webinars and jumped at the opportunity to have a personal strategy session to talk about her business webpage. A single mom trying to be home more with her child, she was passionate about her new business ideas and goals; but at the end of the session when we talked about implementing the plan we created together, Hannah went into overwhelm.

It just wasn’t a good time, she had so many bills.  And she still had to flesh out her content and programs. She was adamant she was going to do it herself. I wonder if she would have reconsidered if had read some WordPress reviews first.

One commenter says “It’s Quick, but not easy
Yes, If you know what you are doing and have spent hours and hours learning wordpress, you can create a website within 5 minutes. But it’s not easy to learn as others say. learn about plugins, themes, widgets for a beginner. Once you get the hang of it, it’s fast and easy to use.

We love WordPress. If you don’t have a website, we recommend a WordPress one. But don’t let it cost you $20,000 like Hannah’s did. She called us several months later, still with no website and as tired and frustrated as ever. She admitted that she had been working on it for nearly SIX months and when she added up all the time she worked on it instead of with clients, she realized she had spent over $20,000  in billable hours trying to make her own website. YIKES!

One of the traits of successful business owners is knowing when to delegate tasks. This particular commenter does note that once you know what you are doing, WordPress is a snap, which is one of the reasons our clients love it so much. Being able to update your own website saves you time because you don’t have to wait on a developer to do it for you. It also saves you money because you aren’t paying professional fees. (But don’t mistake updating your own site with building it yourself.)

Some other WordPress perks:

  • High converting opt-in pages
  • Slash your costs with easy as pie self-updating
  • Sales pages, Opt-In pages, blogs and video in one simple but eye-popping design
  • Traffic tweaks so more folks find your site without paying through the nose for traffic

If this article is hitting home for you, maybe it’s time for a complimentary Website Audit Strategy Session with some ProfitGeeks. Turns out we know a couple.  😉

Call 845.809.3757 or email with subject: No_20k Promo. You’ll be  saving money and back to making money in no time!

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