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You remember last week when we talked about branding?

Identify your voice. Identify your niche. Be consistent.

I think those are “wake up at 3am problems” and that makes them worth digging deeper into. Lets start with your voice.

While you probably aren’t losing sleep over those exact terms, “If I could only get people to understand…” sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If we don’t know our own voice, our own stance, how can we convey it to a potential client?

Everything depends on it.

Speak your uniqueness. My mentor often says, “The world doesn’t need another life coach. But it does need you.” Whatever it is, you’ve got something different. It can be a your approach or even a different belief or reason you do it.

Your graphic design on the web or on printed business cards is a great visual way to share this.

Speak their language: WIFM. Everyone is asking “What’s in it for me? Your ideal client wants to know how they benefit from choosing you.The copy of your website should open with the leading benefits and results your work offers them.

Adding testimonials to different webpages and e-newsletter is a great way to share your benefits and increase your credibility.

Talk value. Help your prospect verbally paint a picture of what their business or life looks like if they work with you. (This technique also works in the reverse.) I’m not advocating exaggerating, but don’t be afraid to go deep. Focus on the transformation your clients experience when they work with you.

Write your copy so that your website visitor will instantly identify what their life or business looks like after working with you. Get personal and always talk one on one, instead of at an audience.

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