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Do you ever feel awkward about asking your clients to help you, whether is feedback or something else?

I recently mentioned to you how I’ve been in marketing mode and doing some deeper level interviews with some of my clients. At first I was hesitant about approaching them. Fears of imposing or overburdening sprung up.

Now I’ve always been a person who likes to live as fearlessly as possible and the way I’ve done that is to quickly do a reality check.

I looked back at emails and recalled conversations with clients and the reality is, we have a history of personal and genuine conversations. It’s not just business, it’s personal.

With that foundation, I realized that I could confidently ask for help and expect a positive response.

Here’s the amazing part, not only did they come through for me, but in fact it was helpful for them! How cool is that?

The questions and insights I was looking for turned out to have a connection with what they were working on.

I recently heard Marie Forleo say that clients are friends that give you money (paraphrased, because I just can’t recall verbatim)

You do your work because you care about the people you serve and it’s completely natural to develop friendships, of varying degrees, with them.

Let me leave you with this thought- your clients are a part of your community, they are there by choice and if you nurture and serve them, they will want to reciprocate.

Client input is an invaluable asset to your business; use it and always express gratitude!

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