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Successful lead conversion requires successful relationships and we think successful relationships have all the ingredients that reflect love. Respect, showing interest, sharing interests, investing into each other. We draw these parallels into our business model. Following the Golden Rule of Do Unto Others, we go beyond courtesy to demonstrate that a lasting relationship is really what we value and we implement it from Day 1, the first contact. Take a peak at how our love recipe might look:

Step 1: First Introduction

Ever the gentleman(or lady), we aren’t asking to go home with you. Instead, we simply want to know more about you. What are you interested in? Is there something you are really passionate about? Is there something that if we contributed would benefit you or simply cause you to smile?

Step 2: The Follow Up

You spent some time getting to know us back and we appreciate that. A simply gesture of a thank you note or perhaps a link we thought might interest you shows that we were actually listening and it isn’t all about making a sale.

Step 3: Integrity and Transparency

While we want you to consider our business if appropriate for your needs, the value of our relationship is not determined by a potential contract. If we see an area where we can serve you, you can be sure we’ll offer. However, we’ll never be that person you want to dodge because with any ProfitGeek team member, you’ll find good conversation and ideas abound and there’s no fine print with binding clauses.

Step 4: Lead Conversion

At this point, it’s normally pretty clear if we’re a match. If we are, you can trust that the “Love” will keep on flowing. Through good times and bad, all our team is committed to your experience with us. If it happens that we aren’t the right fit, you won’t find yourself in a “Say Anything” moment with us playing sappy music outside your window. But you also won’t find yourself dumped on the curb either.

These are the actions and traits that will set you apart from your would-be competition and create raving fans. You don’t need to do anything fancy (and I don’t recommend expensive), but go ahead and have fun with it. If you’re ever in doubt, switch perspectives and think what you would appreciate if you were in their shoes.


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