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There’s a team online meeting in 5 minutes and I am scurrying around trying to find my notes. I know I jotted on a post-it some ideas I had during the week, oh, and I need to find my journal with the notes from last meeting. UGH! As if I could really find the right sticky notes pad, journal or scrap paper on my desk! Maybe I moved it…

Sound familiar?

How about when you meet with you team or client over the phone and you’re trying to take notes and follow the conversation. You do your best but when you all hang up, you’re wondering” OK, what was I suppose to do first?” or ” Shoot! She said something really good and I didn’t catch it.” Not too many of us want to call back and say “Hey, I think you said something important but I didn’t write it down,  can you repeat it?” We’re trying to exert our authority, not create doubts of competency.

Well you can breathe a sigh of relief because I have the solution with this week’s tech tip, LiveMinutes, online meeting web app.

LiveMinutes boasts the following features:

  • conference recording: Giving your full attention is common courtesy, but is still highly valued because it demonstrates to your potential client that you care and will be attentive to them if they work with you. Call recording gives you peace of mind to focus now, knowing you can recap later and not miss any golden nuggets.
  • document sharing: No more asking clients to hunt through email threads for the proposal you sent. LiveMinutes lets you share straight from your computer, Dropbox or Evernote so you can grab your files quick and share them live on the screen. Make it easy for them to say “Yes” by being prepared and avoiding stalls while you wait for email attachments to arrive.
  • document collaboration: Meeting over the phone can be tricky, especially when you are trying to review documents or images. Once you’ve brought a document into your LiveMinutes meeting room, all participants can notate in real time. Eliminate confusion by having 1 collective record from the meeting that everyone has a copy of.

This online meeting web application is designed to make it quick and simple to both host online meetings and leave the meeting with everything needed to move forward in your business process.

Do you struggle with getting in a rhythm for meeting with clients virtually? Do you have a preferred conference service? Share below, we want to hear from you.

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