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How to Sell to People

“Are you sure this is helping you? ” said a recent interviewee. “Oh yes, very much. Now what’s your favorite YouTube video? ” I asked.

I had been interviewing an ideal client for marketing research and this particular gentlemen wasn’t quite sure he was answering the questions right. What was interesting to me, was that like many others, he thought that all he needed to know about his target market was in the professional realm. But what is key to remember is that even though we spend most our time in our vocation, we aren’t defined by that. As individuals, our make-up is infinitely deeper, and it does play a role in how we perform in our work environments. Simply said, our personal preference will affect our decisions in our professional space.

Coke sells happiness. Apple sells cool yet intellectual. Audi sells young luxury (Mercedes is for your mom, Audi is for you.)

Benefits Marketing Strategies

The strongest brands understand that they are selling to people and they invest heavily in marketing research to understand how their product can meet one of their customers’ emotional needs. As you can see with the examples above, the buyers’ needs or fears are not always directly related to the product. A car is meant to get you from point A to B but the mindset of a Ford Taurus driver is vastly different from the Audi driver. Both need to get to their destination but they have different benefits priorities. Thriftiness vs status etc.

When you understand who your buyers are as people, you can reach them where they are and what they care about.

Everything we buy has a primary function, although not all are essential to life. Lets look at Apple; macbooks are not a life requirement. They have a clear use but what gets us to buy them, is the benefits they offer and the deeper needs we want fulfilled. Most people have a desktop at home and if not, libraries are a great option. But if you bought a macbook, you are no longer limited to where you can work or surf the web. It offers you flexibility and freedom to choose whatever workspace you want. It’s light- freeing you up to take something else you might have had to leave behind if it was heavier. Or even just relieving the shoulder pain your old laptop used to cause.

Maybe you think I’m stretching it, but this is exactly what a great marketer does. She looks at the pains of her clients-which requires knowing them as people not just qualified buyers- and then identifies how her service legitimately solves a deeper issue, benefiting them beyond it’s basic function.

Get More Clients

As we head into the weekend, and get close to closing out the 1st quarter of the year, I challenge you to look deeply at your ideal client.

  • Write out what his day looks like, from waking up to going to sleep.
  • List the emotions and struggles he encounters. What solutions would she pay anything for?
  • Explain how your service address those deeper needs.

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