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All too often, people start cramming on their businesses in December with rushed sales and creating holiday products that are just going to get scrapped in January. The results are often disastrous.

We say take a break, pause and don’t work on your website design or other serious renovations and business changes. Enjoy the holidays. Enjoy your families.

How have we made this easy for you?

We’re giving you an amazing rate now, but you don’t need to start your project until 2012.

Start fresh, clear your mind and be ready to start strong in January, (which by the way is only 2.5 weeks away.)

Now isn’t the time to jump in, but it is time to get prepared. Get the benefit of a Holiday Special with the peace of mind of not beginning until 2012.

Call 845-809-3757 or email now to schedule your complimentary Website Breakthrough Strategy Session.

Can’t wait to talk to you!

-Erica and Rick

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