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We’re a bit odd, hubby and I. Our iPhones are never far from reach (even under our pillows) and being true geeks in every sense of the word, we both could put you to sleep with all the info we absorb daily. But what makes me inseparable from my smartphone are Apps.

Take a peak at the top 9 business apps I use daily; I have them separated into 2 folders:

Filing Cabinet:

  • Dropbox stores all my files and makes them reachable from virtually anything with an Internet connection.
  • Freshbooks let’s me send estimates and invoices on the fly. I use the dashboard to see at a glance the value of pending deals and accounts payable.
  • Shoeboxed scans my receipts and sorts the data into reports and spreadsheets that can be imported to Freshbooks for complete accounting. (Pretty handy if you’re ever get a call from the Tax Man)


  • Base is where I manage my pipeline and projects.
  • WordPress app makes sure I can access and add content to my site anywhere. (Say goodbye to writing a really great idea on a napkin and getting back to your desk only to have forgotten or lost it.)
  • Opus Domini- This is a new find because Ive been searching for an app that handles a to do list, syncs with all my other calendars and displays both on a one page view. So far, I like it.
  • Twitter is where I talk the most and connect with my tribe and also the people I want to learn from.
  • Pages+ lets me manage our branded Facebook page. Statuses, messages, photos and even offers, this is an app you cannot miss.
  • Instagram makes social photo sharing fun and easy for anybody. My account is personal, but the multi-platform sharing capabilities allows me to share pics I think will give my internet peeps some insight to me. Occasional photos of my fam or a too-good-to-eat dish (sometimes my kids even steal my phone and post wacky photos.)

If every App were to vanish, these are all I’d need to keep the my business going. Using something better? I’d love to hear it; please share what apps help you play your A-game.

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