Break the “mad dash-to-meet-your-deadline” cycle

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I think we’ve all had our moments starring at a blinking cursor. They aren’t pretty. Inspiration rarely comes on-demand; the key to a successful newsletter or blog writing session is to prepare. Environment Does your work space inspire you or does it distract? A change of scenery might be just what you need. Try working… Read more »

If You Could Ask Anything…

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Well not that broad, but if you could ask us any one question about your website or how to use the internet to promote your business, what would it be? What to write on your website? How to make a good “opt-in”? How to use video? As we mentioned previously, we are putting the finishing… Read more »

Is Your Business Suffering A Deficit?

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I’ve been on a documentary kick on Netflix for a couple of weeks now. Tuesday night I watched a film called I.O.U.S.A., a documentary made in 2008 about the national deficit. As you may have noticed, this topic has been all over the headlines for weeks now too. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to delve… Read more »