3 Ways to Get Real Business Results With Social Media

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It was a rather mild winter day on December 3rd and I decided to dawn my cloak, a re-enactment piece that I scored through my local homeschool classifieds. (No, homeschoolers are not socially deprived, but yes, we’re a geeky bunch.) [tweet https://twitter.com/profitgeeks/status/275672060250968066] Well, I thought it looked neat and my 7yr old was happy enough… Read more »

More Fish In The Sea

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No, I’m not talking about a dating. (Although you could draw many parallels between dating and engaging in social media for your business…) I want to draw attention to other online resources to connect with your ideal client. Facebook is probably the most  recognized social media website; but there are other “seas” and there are… Read more »

Do You Remember Smokey the Bear?

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Smokey the Bear is the mascot for forest fire prevention on public service messages. Smokey’s message focuses how to prevent fires, not how to put them out. Social media is a proactive arena. You should be proactive in engaging  others, sharing your message and providing valuable content. A mistake that  companies often make is only… Read more »

How Original Are You?

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I will not follow you if all your posts are quotes. Previously, we talked about not being a pushy salesman and how to authentically connect with people on social media platforms. Today lets talk about the art of balancing original content with referencing others’ materials. Quotes can be inspirational, reflect our mood and even be… Read more »

Are You Listening?

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In our last newsletter we mentioned the launch of our newest service, Custom Facebook Applications and Pages and to celebrate we are discussing social media marketing. Previously, we talked about having the right expectations, etiquette and being resilient to see your social media efforts through. I’d like to pick up with social media etiquette and… Read more »

Please Tell Me You Aren’t Doing This

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In celebration of the launch of our newest service, Custom Facebook Applications and Pages, I’ll be talking about Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts. While many of these may seem to overlap, they are important to cover if I want you to have a clear understanding and expectation of what results social media can bring… Read more »