InsideTarget Market Surveys and How They Work

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If you answered the call to yesterday’s survey, Thank you! If not, you’ll still find the results helpful. The question was “What is your biggest Marketing roadblock?” The four possible answers were: I need a step-by-step complete marketing system to follow. I need an action oriented plan to jump-start and motivate me! I need practical… Read more »

3 Ways to Get Real Business Results With Social Media

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It was a rather mild winter day on December 3rd and I decided to dawn my cloak, a re-enactment piece that I scored through my local homeschool classifieds. (No, homeschoolers are not socially deprived, but yes, we’re a geeky bunch.) [tweet] Well, I thought it looked neat and my 7yr old was happy enough… Read more »

An Inspirational Work Space

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I moved to a rural away after my divorce. Never meant for it to be permanent; it was more like a retreat. But I feel in love, with a person and with the incredible landscape. Two years later my house sits on the side of the Appalachian Trail and when I’m missing NYC, I just… Read more »

We have seen the future and it is Responsive

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Consider these 3 facts: < In 2011, for the first time, smartphone and tablet shipments exceed those of desktop and notebook shipments. [source] < Daily time spent in mobile apps now surpasses desktop and mobile web consumption. < Mobile web usage is doubling every year and is predicted exceed desktop usage by 2014 [source] What… Read more »

Android Vs iPhone: What’s the deal?

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In recent years cell phones have morphed into mini-computers, or “smartphones”. Phones can tweet, facebook, manage clients, pay bills, and even let you update your website. There seems to be no limit to what it can do. If you’re new (or even old) to the world of smartphones, it can be a daunting task deciding… Read more »

the cloud

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More and more businesses are trying to sell you on this idea of “the cloud”. what is the cloud? Before “the internets“, our computers used to be loners. they didn’t really want to talk to anything but printers and mice and keyboards. Programs and files were directly installed to the computer hard drive. if you… Read more »