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Are you excited? I find that I do my best work, I give my all, when I’m in a state of excitement.

Working on closing a large deal, launching a new product, hiring… What’s happening in your business right  now that you are excited about?

Now you may be saying yea but I can’t stay in a permanent state of excitement. Things slow down, there isn’t always something new. Well, I want to challenge that thought. To begin with, each day is new. Today has never happened before. You will have a new idea. Meet a new person. Go to a new place. Even just have a new conversation.

Right now, stop and think what is new today. What can you be excited about? A bit obvious, maybe. But definitely something we all overlook at times.

The beauty about entrepreneurship is that it is always within our power to do something new. At the very least something that excites us. Sure, there daily tasks that must be done, but if you are having a day that seems to be too ordinary for your liking, take a break and dream. Allow yourself to go into creative mode and explore your vision.

One of our goals this year to do 2 live events, one with our team and one with our clients. It’s rainy here in NY today and it’s also errand day for our family. Instead of getting caught up in drudgery, I got on my headset and dialed my mom who doubles as my executive assistant. My mom has an absolute gift and passion for unique events & travel planning. (Not my forte.) I know the feeling and atmosphere I want to create and she unleashes the ideas.

We had a blast talking about venues, themes and activities that we want to do for these events. Are they in our budget? Not just yet. But thinking about them gets me excited. It kindles that fire and passion that I then pour into my work, freshly inspired and knowing where it’s all leading up to.

If you’ve been finding yourself caught in routine, stop, drop what your doing and dream with your team. Your team might be your spouse or it might be a few assistants. All that matters is that you create a fresh wind for everyone, reigniting the purpose and mission of your business. Not to mention its a great opportunity to reconnect with your team and you might be surprised by the ideas and passion you discover they have for your business as well.

Gratitude and getting back in touch with the big picture are often all it takes to get the momentum and excitement back in your business.

Have something exciting going on or a vision that seems far off? Share below, I’d love hear from you!

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