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As the weather slowly warms up here in NY, I’m already thinking of sandy shores. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably had a few sandy days of your own. I love how it’s in every kid’s DNA to build sandcastles! That serious look that takes over, biting the side of his lip as he maps out the moat and towers. He already knows exactly how it’s going to look. But then dusk creeps up along with the rising tide and eats away at sandy masterpiece.

Some kids frantically try to piece it back together, while others shrug and run for one last jump in the waves. And however we reacted to that in our earliest years is most-likely how we react now in our businesses.

Are you trying to piece back a plan that’s being pulled apart by elements beyond your control?

As an entrepreneur, everything you create,whether vision or tangible product, it’s your baby. You pour your heart, soul and sweat into it. Ain’t nothing getting in your way- and then something does.

Sometimes it’s something you can push through or create a detour around. As long as you are organized and have support, you can usually be flexible in your business. However, there are the times when no amount of rerouting will yield the desired outcome.

I used to be a planning and strategy freak. Yep, the rumors are true; on average, I had a plan A- K. But more often than not, it resulted in over-frustration and exhaustion and while I have an extremely patient family, even they were begging me to give it a rest. So now I’m just a geek- meaning that I care about being prepared, but I’m not losing my mind over it.

I want to share with you quickly some tips I use to stay in control of just me and roll with the waves as they come.

Time Awareness: I created what I refer to as “Schedule Templates.” I have 3 alternative schedules that I can follow based on the appointments and commitments I have on my calendar. The appropriate schedule template is placed on the wall each day allowing  me to be aware of my obligations and the space I have to meet them in.

Cloud Knowledge: My Google calendar is synced to include my personal, business(including team) and Rick’s schedule. With desktop and mobile access, I’m always in the know and can adjust accordingly. Our team also relies heavily on Dropbox to have remote access to current project documents.

Filtered Perspective: When I was in freak planning mode, I was driven by a poor mindset that if I didn’t bring my plan into fruition I failed by default. I tied my identity to the outcome rather than the reason behind the action. It’s absolutely key to look at your work and efforts through the perspective of Why. What was the vision for the project? Often, doing this will give you relief, knowing you actually did accomplish what you set out to, or that continuing would counter your original goal.

If you’re diligent with your time, organized with your information and clear on your goal you’ll know when it’s right to push through and when it’s OK to step back and ride with the waves.

Have you been frightening against the current lately? Comment below, I want to hear from you.



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