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5 Smart Ways to Not Let Family Drama Derail Your Business

We clung to each other tightly with tear-stained cheeks, our heartbeats finally slowing down, allowing us to drift off to sleep.

If your business partner is your husband or wife, please don’t let family drama derail your business! This was only last night and I’m sharing this not to be too personal and I’m not going into details, but because I know we are not the only entrepreneurial couple to have 3am spats, fights, meltdowns and so forth. (Also I don’t want to be on a false pedestal of you thinking I have it all under control.)

Having a business with your spouse requires constant communication and clear boundaries.

Rick and I compliment each other; That’s a nice way of saying we’re polar opposites. Just some of the challenges we’ve weathered while growing our business , and I’m sure you can relate, include overworking, unequal responsibilities, working at inappropriate times(family time, couple time etc.) and unprofessionalism.

So what exactly can entrepreneur couples do to not let family drama derail their businesses?

  1. Define Roles and Responsibilities. Define all the roles needed to be filled in your business. Be careful not to assign a role to your spouse. It is crucial that you each choose and accept your own roles for maximum effectiveness. Roles should be assumed based on skill-set and consider delegating roles that neither of you are a best fit for.  Describe the responsibilities for each role to prevent unnecessary confusion or blame.
  2. Set Boundaries. Three boundaries need to be set.The first is to respect each others roles and not overstep into their responsibilities. Simply put, let your husband do this work in the way he chooses and focus on you. The second boundary that needs to be set is time; how much will you work, when and where? Because you live life together is affects everything from your marriage relationship to relationships with children. Set a clear boundary and honor it. Lastly, you must set a financial boundary. It is crucial you both a receiving wages for your work and that you have agreed limits on how business profits are spent. Set a business budget covering everything from advertising to profession education.
  3. Communicate Professionally. Having an intimate relationship with our business partner makes us vulnerable when emotions spike. Try to maintain a personal attitude when working. Treat each other with the same professionalism you would a coworker in an office. Yes, you can still sign off emails with “I love you.”(And I don’t think it would hurt to start emails that way either, just sayin’.)

Don’t let family drama derail your business by taking the time to define roles and responsibilities, set boundaries and honor them, and communicate professionally, especially when emotions are running high.  Did this article help you? Use the comments below to share how. We’d love to celebrate with you!



PS. [Video] Here’s a great communication during conflict resource, talk by Lysa TerKeurst at Elevation Church.


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