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I’m going to be vulnerable here and share what I initially deemed as a failure.

Earlier this week, as a follow up to our new brand launch, we announced a special contest to acknowledge you, our readers, for your business accomplishments and efforts to be not just a sustainable company, but a “socially” responsible one too.

That’s how many entries there were. 0. It’s kind of scary to admit, but there is a liberating element here. Because it’s only if I admit that there was no response, that I can ask you “why not?” And I’m very curious. Don’t look now, but this email was sent before 6am and no that isn’t due to a fancy pre-schedule email auto-send. I’m actually up writing this  because I’ve been up since 3am puzzling over it. Why am I sharing all this? I want you to see that I care.

In marketing jargon, you are “my list.” But to me you are person I have personally connected with or maybe you found me online, but you decided you wanted to hear what I have to say. I respect and appreciate that trust and interest. That’s what drives me to not just deliver great content, but to engage with you further. So when you don’t engage…well you get 5am rants like this. 🙂

Jokes aside, the average “open rate” for email marketing campaigns runs in the high teens. Our open rate average is 27%, which is considered high and successful, especially in the web and marketing industry. So here’s what I can deduce: You look forward to and enjoy your weekly PG Insider. What I’m hoping you’ll be willing to share, is why you’re hesitant to engage more.

As I try to get some shut eye before the baby wakes up, I’ll leave you with some thoughts on why I think engaging will benefit your business.

  • engaging on our social media conversations will increase your online presence
  • you can network with other business owners and create new relationships (leading to new business or partnerships)
  • participating in social media conversations allows you to communicate your story and/or unique selling point
  • any kind of writing for your business is good practice
  • sharing your stories, feedback and needs helps us to better serve you

Give it a shot!


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