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I don’t normally post on Saturdays but I wanted to share a personal breakthrough, an Ah Ha moment. Through our micro lender, Accion, I was offered the opportunity to be interviewed by one of the companies that funded our loan. Yesterday was the video shoot, and it was Awesome! There, I said it.

Growing up, I was raised to be modest and taught that any self-congratulations or too much thinking about something I’d done was boastful, prideful and wrong. So becoming a successful entrepreneur by age 25 has been an internal battle, that if certain moments were caught on video, you might think I was weird.

I’ve fluctuated from grinning to myself and being happy when no one is around, to outright denying accomplishing anything of worth and having nothing but a dry “Thank You” for compliments received.

But yesterday was different. I couldn’t hold back my smile, my passion and most importantly, my pride. As I recalled my story to the camera, I couldn’t ignore the words as they flowed out of me. Me, not anyone else. My experiences. My insights. My achievements.

If you can relate to having the mindset of false meekness, that speaking proudly of yourself or business is wrong, I want to encourage you today to break away from that. Denying your accomplishments only keeps you questioning your worth and doubting your abilities.

When you own and embrace your victories, strengths and talents they come to life even greater than before. Like a wilting sprout finally being given the nourishment of light and rain, you will flourish with multiplying results.

I hope that my sharing this has inspired you and maybe this isn’t for you, but someone you know. If so, I hope you’ll pass it on.

To your successes,

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