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So today I received from sad news; we lost a client. I specifically say “sad” over “bad” because for that client,
someone else was able to better meet their needs, and that’s good for my previous client.
And because every experience is a learning one, it isn’t 100% bad news for me either
because I walked away with some serious thinking points.

While it’s easy (maybe this isn’t your specific struggle, but for me it’s a toughie) to hang our heads in defeat and mope over it;
It’s more important to look at the situation and with that wonderful 20/20 hindsight, see where we went wrong.


So this is normally where I pride myself on a strength. Most of my clients enjoy regular communication with me about
their project. Somewhere, I dropped the ball. Actually, I specifically dropped it where I thought the project was over.
I failed to follow up and confirm all was smooth sailing like I thought.

There were some other additional contributors which in some way can be linked to a break in communication
whether literal or through misunderstanding. The biggest take away is communication is key to lasting relationships with clients.
Never let the communication completely stop and be sure to reach out and confirm all is well instead of finding out too late that it isn’t.

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