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I think we’ve all had our moments starring at a blinking cursor. They aren’t pretty.

Inspiration rarely comes on-demand; the key to a successful newsletter or blog writing session is to prepare.


Does your work space inspire you or does it distract? A change of scenery might be just what you need. Try working somewhere other than your office, perhaps a room in your house. Or a coffee shop after peak hours. Writing in a different environment can help you get a new perspective and keep you focused. (Personally, I like to find a bookstore in a town or city I’ve never been to)


While you do want to keep your topics relevant, writing about something you are passionate about will come much more naturally and freely. Instead of trying to picture a whole article or outline, make a simple list of things that you are excited about or that anger you. You’ll find something that you know and have a lot to say about that will be of use to your readers to know about as well.

“The Judgement Free Zone”

Don’t judge your first work. Simply write. You can critique and edit later. Your goal is to get your ideas on paper; the trouble with getting them out is often that we try to organize them in our head. Being an entrepreneur is enough of a balancing act. Give yourself a break and write freely.

Writing Retreat

Setting aside a longer period of time, such as a day or weekend, can be a great opportunity to write several articles at once. Having a cleared space of time that is dedicated to writing will help get your mind off other business tasks, enabling you to be entirely focused and without your usual time constraints. You can even work off your topic list and write as many of them as you can. Again, this is free writing, not editing time.

So for a less hectic and stressful blog or newsletter writing experience try:

  • Changing up your space.
  • Making a list of your “Hot-Button” topics.
  • Free writing and not editing.
  • Giving yourself an extended and dedicated writing day.

Happy Writing!

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