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You ever set a goal for yourself and then come up short?

This week I signed up for a 10K run to raise money for a children’s home and a two day medical clinic in Africa. The run is in just 4 weeks and last night was the first chance I’ve had to start training. I ran just over 3 miles. I was not happy. According to Running magizine’s training program, I had to run 4-5 miles.

2 miles in pain flares up in my left knee. No sweat, I’ll just run gently through it. Just needs to warm up, I tell myself. You see, when I set a goal I go Yoda style, “Do or do not. There is no try.” I take anything less than hitting my goal as failure. (Stick with me here, this does relate to your business.)

So here I am running, 7pm, it’s dark out with no moonlight, my knee is burning and I won’t stop. I can’t stop, right? This has to work. I’m young and able. I have a history in fitess so I know what I’m doing, how far is too far.  But at 3 miles the pain is still intense and I become aware that my “determination” is not serving me in this situation and if anything, it is just showing me some deep stuff I need to work on.

And I thought of you. How many other entrepreneurs sabatoge their success doing something that is painful because they have to hit that goal and they know best? Maybe that pain looks like your relationship with your partner suffering. Maybe it’s your kids fed up with you saying “5 more minutes.” Maybe it’s your physical body screaming “I need rest, will you quit already!”

I’ve heard Suzanne Evans say many times, “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” Let that sit a while and I’ll leave you with this thought: What is causing you pain in your business and are you willing to try another approach?

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