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Yesterday morning I exchanged tweets with a new acquaintance who was delighting in the freedom his business gives him to pursue his passions. I was having a not so stress-free morning, but instead of focusing on the negative, I turned my attention to how my business was serving me in the family issues I had to handle.

Often life can feel like it’s beating us on the head and we reach the point where we look at the ceiling and yell at no one in particular “I can’t do this any more!” Running a business carries a lot of responsibility and in our darkest moments we might get caught thinking if we just had a J.O.B….

The truth is ( and if you disagree, please share) that you benefit from your business not just in financial or personal gains, but in the down and out times. When you or your child is sick, no more stressing if this will be the last straw for your boss. From family emergencies to plain old “mental health” days, you can now make that call without fear and anxiety because you are in control.

If you structure your business in such a way that your processes are organized, you have support from your team/family and you have a smartphone with access to email, social media, and website/blog than you are set. You literally can handle anything that comes your way without panicking. Need to respond to a client email? No problem.  Post your blog on the run? No sweat.

The real icing on the cake is that when the bumps in the road come and you handle them with grace, then you can turn your attention to making the best of the situation.

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