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90% of my working hoursĀ  are spent online and half of that is giving one on one tutorials with my clients or giving an online workshop to a group. Explaining how to use online applications without being able to visually show examples was challenging.

In fact, it could be a comedy skit straight out of SNL… If you are now remembering tech support horror stories, I apologize.

I love what I do and I love helping people. But it was obvious that saying “Look at the top of the screen…Do you see…? “was not delivering the experience I wanted my audience to have. I want people to understand and feel comfortable using online applications such as social media platforms or WordPress. Unfortunately, I was still in the loop of trying to describe something I’m familiar with in a way that someone unfamiliar can translate.

Enter Screen Share software.
OK I could totally geek out right now and tell you in detail about the days spent trialing 7 different screen share softwares ( It was heaven!), but I’ll spare you.
Screen share software is exactly what it sounds like; you can share your screen with people. Download requirements vary from company to company; but generally, all you need is a link that you can email to the person(s) you want to show your screen to. By clicking the link, your audience can see your computer monitor the same way you do and in real time.

Now when I do training sessions, my screen is visible and I can actually show while I instruct and not sound like I’m reading from a troubleshooting script. Oh and the best part, my clients are now able to enjoy the session because they aren’t confused and are able to apply what they’ve learned on their own. I also save time and money because certain training that use to require meeting in person, I can now do virtually.

If having the ability to show your clients what is on your screen of benefit to your business then I strongly recommend trying or any other screenshare software. If you don’t have a particular use for this, then let me just encourage you to be open to trying new technologies that can help make your business more effective by reducing work time, expenses or improving your client’s experience.

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