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Are you really in control or are you at the mercy of the wind, your emotions or someone saying “no” to what you have to offer?

The 1st answer that I hear from entrepreneurs about the biggest challenge is the self accountability. It’s challenging to be your own boss, especially for those of us with home offices. Coffee spills on us, kid throws tantrum or you get a nasty phone call all become legitimate reasons to crawl back in bed for a nanosecond.

Entrepreneurs that push through and succeed have these two words going for them (and no it isn’t lady luck.)

Vision and Schedule

Vision is what you are “seeing” for your future. It’s what you picture in your mind’s eye (or your vision board) to get a visual of where you are deliberately going with your business and your life. I bet flexibility is part of your vision and when you get a curve ball, that’s when you need to invoke your rights according to that vision.

Say, “This is when I give myself a break, eat a forbidden food, go for a walk, or put the phone on silent and play some tunes, dancing like no one is watching.”  If you ever sat in a cubicle, what did you wish you could do just for a moment to get back in your groove after a meeting gone wrong? Do it. Your vision isn’t just something to achieve someday, it becomes your reality by living more pieces of it each day.

Your Schedule is what allows you to bring your vision to life without creating a train wreck. So the impromptu solo dance party needs to last 20 minutes to be affective, no sweat. You’ve got your schedule and your  to-do list(5 tasks max) at hand. You’re in control because you know what needs to be done, when it has to be done by and how much time you have to do it.

Some people resist the idea of a schedule because they enjoy riding by the seat of their pants. I get that, I was totally that way. Until I realized I can’t run a business, home-school and keep house like that. Having a planned schedule is like having a map. You are in the driver’s seat; knowing where you’re going and how long it takes give you the freedom to make choices about pit stops, rest stops or fun stops.

I challenge you right now to write down your vision for your life and business. When your done, write out a schedule for next week and refer to it each day. Lastly, be gracious to yourself. Your schedule is a reflection of your life, change means you aren’t stagnant.




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