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Last week in PG Lab we discussed ways to get ahead in January, perhaps the most important of which, was habits of highly effective people.  We explored 3 ways that habits can make or break your new business year before it even begins.

  • The way you do anything, is the way you do everything.- Suzanne Evans. Probably the biggest take away I got from her. Seriously. If you flip-flop over your main service/ product offering, you’re showing up inconsistent in other areas of your business too.  Inconsistency is unprofessional and will cripple your credibility with your target market.

Action Step 1: Zero in on what service/product sold the best in 2012, survey your audience for feedback (including what made them say “Yes” to that offer) and plan and expand on that for 2013.

  • The Law of Attraction: Whether you follow this school of thought or not, it stands true that you will attract people who strongly relate to you. I want people to relate to me for my positive attitudes and attributes, don’t you?

Action Step 2: Misery loves company, so be mindful of the vibes you are sending out in your content, as well as your public habits. Be that person who uplifts and inspires.

  • Being nervous is a side effect of being unprepared. – Unknown                                    The New Year rings in new resolutions, the time of year when ideal client makes a  promise to herself to fix the pressing problems in her life & business.   She’s reinvigorated, passionate, excited, hopeful and ready to spend some cash.   Are you ready?

Action Step 3: By the end of next week,  line up your email campaigns (if not already started), write your sales pages, and test your cart system.

2013 CAN be a better year for you IF you decide to make it so. Waiting until January to take action only sets you up to repeat the same bad habits. Start working on your new goals now so that you cross into 2013 already on the path to where you want to be!

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