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No, I’m not talking about a dating. (Although you could draw many parallels between dating and engaging in social media for your business…)

I want to draw attention to other online resources to connect with your ideal client. Facebook is probably the most  recognized social media website; but there are other “seas” and there are even smaller more concentrated “ponds.”

Depending on your business and industry, Foursquare, Twitter, Tumblr or Myspace could be additional resources. However, I like to go deep in the trenches where only my target audience is. In this environment there is a higher density of people who might resonate with my message and are more likely to be more interactive with me.

For example, I run a regional professional women’s networking group. You bet I’m active on Facebook and Twitter, but  I know I will definitely find women who may be interested in my group on online forums for professional women and work at home moms.

We both know there are millions of people online. To find your people, you have to think outside of the box AND you have to think like them. Whomever it is that your business serves, put yourself in their head and think:

“Where can I find the answer to a problem I’m having?”

“Where can I talk to other people who might share the same problem?”

When you can identify the pains and needs of your target audience, you can think clearly about where they might go, whether it’s on social media or on a specialized forum.

The next step is easy… show up. Go where you’ve identified them to be, make connections, build relationships, offer helpful content and integrate them into your marketing channels.


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