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Last  week, I had the pleasure of attending a Memory Training Workshop of my client and friend, Craig Krause of Direct Development Training. I had jest that if I could remember even 1 thing (he boasts being able to have you recall a list of 50!) it would be a miracle.  Low and behold, yours truly can do just that.  I’m sure you’re nodding your head saying how you sure could use this to help with your sales presentations etc.

We often can be heard saying how terrible our memories are. But there is something uncomfortable about actually being on the spot and quite frankly, feeling like an idiot. The workshop warmed up with a list of 20 items that was rambled off orally that we then had to write the list in correct order from memory. The results in the room were 4 correct or less.

So what does this look in your business? Have you ever been at a business function meeting people and had to ask them to repeat their names throughout the evening, or even worse, told them point blank that you wouldn’t remember? Maybe you can claim not having done this, but I’ve been around the block enough to have heard it said plenty. And in the moment of smiling, nervous laughter and shaking hands, I think it doesn’t occur to us how awful that really sounds.

While it’s so common that it might actually be overlooked, picture this scenario instead:

You’re at a conference and you walk up to a woman who was sitting a few seats over from you. You ask her what was her biggest takeaway and after she shares, you introduce yourself and she says her name is Jill. You repeat back “Jill? Pleasure to meet you Jill” Meanwhile you create a picture image in your mind to associate with her. (I’d picture Jack and Jill went up the hill…) You wrap up the conversation confirming a phone follow up saying “I look forward to continuing this conversation Jill…” and if you see her while you head out later in the evening, you can even throw in “Have a good evening Jill.”

Can you feel the difference? Who do you think Jill will remember from the event? You, the person with confidence who remembered her name;  while it might seem ordinary, it probably made her feel just a bit more special. Isn’t that how you want to leave potential clients or business partners feeling and thinking about you? You bet!

Of course the application doesn’t end there. Speak with confidence and close multiple sales in one presentation. Ensure confidence and personalization with each client as you recall their name and little details that they share with you. The possibilities are endless. They’re also pretty profitable. 😉


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