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I will not follow you if all your posts are quotes.

Previously, we talked about not being a pushy salesman and how to authentically connect with people on social media platforms.

Today lets talk about the art of balancing original content with referencing others’ materials.

Not the message you want to send.

Quotes can be inspirational, reflect our mood and even be informational. What is uninspiring is when someone’s profile has noting but quotes posted. It loses it’s meaning; it’s most likely auto-posted by a software program spewing out a fake presence for someone.

I take that to be a cheap trick at trying to “beat the social media system,” not committing to the work it takes, and not being interested in others.

I’m a people person and my business serves people. I want to connect directly and genuinely with others, preferably with that same mindset.

Truth: There is information on the internet that you will want to share, frequently.

Nothing wrong with that. As my mentor says, you have a moral obligation to share information that can have a positive effect on people. The key is to keep it in balance with your own original content. This can include direct interactions with others, personal statements or articles you have written.

If you want to position yourself as an expert in your field, you have to create your own material. Remember, in all your social media efforts the goal is to genuinely connect with people and offer them information about what you do and then insight to what makes you different from others in your field.

Simply copy and pasting won’t make the cut.

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