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Today is going to be a wee bit different.

As I was searching the web(looking for inspiration of course), I asked Rick what I should write about and he said “The stock market.”

Now I had to laugh because I think we are all going a little bit looney over it. The NY Post even went so far on Wednesday as to compare the Dow Jones to a “Hooker’s drawers.” I think you get the picture.

With all the gossip and media reports we are left to wonder what really to believe. Here’s the best advice I can give you:

Ignore the hype.

In your business at least. Don’t go rushing to drop your prices. Don’t assume people’s money has evaporated.

Here’s a great tip I got from my mentor recently:

“Their[potential client] objection, is your objection.”

I think we can agree that the most common objection is money and what’s going on in the US and Global economy right now is another crutch for this objection.

You cannot confidently handle a money objection if you are uncomfortable, worried or avoiding making a decision in your own business because of money.

Take a moment to reflect on decisions that are on the table for you and practice walking yourself through your own objections. Get comfortable.

Once you get in your own head, understand your own objections and work out the strategy to overcome them, you can now draw some parallels to what your potential clients may be feeling and thinking.

So go kick your own objections to the curb and bring a new dose of confidence into your sales conversations!

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