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When designing your website there are several key things to consider. Generally speaking, you want your website to reflect your business.  This means that when possible, use the colors and theme represented in your logo, product, or physical place of business. If your business is an established brand, keep your website consistent with that image. If not, here’s your chance to really hone down on your branding.

If you are like me and work from a home office, your website is the showcase of both your business and yourself as an entrepreneur. If you are business formal and you want to convey that image, then go in that direction. However, if you take a more personal approach, then go ahead and express that. Your website will set the tone and expectations for your clients, so you want to ensure that it reflects you and your style of business.

Most people tell me they like my website. Only one person however, bluntly said that the “home page” seemed like it belonged as the “about” page. And she was absolutely right. Her concern was that we weren’t saying loudly and clearly enough what craftwerks does. Well, I did some thinking and edited the page. But it was important to both Rick and I that we keep the personal element. We want people to know “about us” and that we are not your typical web development company.  We are a two person start-up and craftwerks is who we are. It is our knowledge, our passion for what we do, and our genuine interest in each client that makes craftwerks  what it is. And we want you to know that from the beginning.

White flashy templates and big company feel don’t reflect us or how we operate our business. Our business is personal and we appreciate each client who brings us their business needs because we know it’s personal for them too. Regardless of your individual business style, your website should speak to that. Don’t be afraid to be out of the box; you want the attention!  And personalizing your website does not mean compromising integrity, design or professional appearance.  In the end, your website should make you smile and say with pride, “This is my business.”


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