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Smokey the Bear is the mascot for forest fire prevention on public service messages. Smokey’s message focuses how to prevent fires, not how to put them out.

Social media is a proactive arena. You should be proactive in engaging  others, sharing your message and providing valuable content.

A mistake that  companies often make is only utilizing social media to respond to negative comments or press. The problem with this is they come out of the woodwork when their name is on the line and disappear afterwards.

Can you imagine for a moment? Picture a twitter profile for a “A-mart, LLC”. Their profile says they sell wonderful widgets for wonderful prices. Their tweet history says 9 tweets with the post dates ranging from January 2010 – June 2011. Each tweet appears to be a response to unsatisfied customer.

Are you turned off just thinking about it? Aside from the assumption that their product is junk, we’re lead to believe they just don’t care and are out of touch with their market.  Negative feedback doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s a great learning experience for the company and an opportunity to fix the situation and maybe even turn the dissatisfied customer into a raving fan.

Now imagine that same “A-mart, LLC” profile again, but this time with a balance of real conversations with individuals, updates on their products and valuable content related to their industry. We’d be inclined to believe this was a company that genuinely cared about the product they provide and the experience that their customers have. We’d be more likely to think they were experts in their fields.

So think like Smokey when you are on social media. Your social media efforts are both proactive for your business and preventive of uncontrollable negative attention.


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