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In our last newsletter we mentioned the launch of our newest service, Custom Facebook Applications and Pages and to celebrate we are discussing social media marketing.

Previously, we talked about having the right expectations, etiquette and being resilient to see your social media efforts through.

I’d like to pick up with social media etiquette and elaborate on the idea that your social media messages should not all be product “pushes.” By that, I mean that you shouldn’t be posting links to your products page or sales pages on a daily bases.

Remember the networking event example? Upon introduction, you aren’t going to ask someone to buy from you. Most of your connections online have yet to have the pleasure of even meeting you in person. They have no sense of your personality or anything at this point.

Frequent promotion of your products or services gives off a very unattractive sales-y persona, and in my opinion, looks rather selfish and self-centered. How can you truly help people you know nothing about?

Truth: You become more interesting the more interested you are in others.

Social Media is just that, social. The best way to make strong connections is to spend time cultivating them. Start by connecting with people in your field. Ask questions. Reply to others’ posts that you have genuine feedback on.

Not to say you should never promote your products or services. Rather, people are more inclined to “listen” if you’ve established a relationship with them. It’s by authentic conversations and content that you will position yourself as an expert.

We’ll talk more about content soon.

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