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In celebration of the launch of our newest service, Custom Facebook Applications and Pages, I’ll be talking about Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts.

While many of these may seem to overlap, they are important to cover if I want you to have a clear understanding and expectation of what results social media can bring you.

And what better place to begin than expectations, because ultimately this is how you’ll decide if you are going to read on through this series.

Truth: You will not make money on Day 1. Or Day 2. Or Day 3… You get the idea.


Your social media messages are targeted to more people you don’t know, than people you already do. You are largely trying to talk to people you don’t have a relationship with yet.

Would you walk into a networking event and ask a new acquaintance to buy from you? I hope not. It’s more likely that you would spend time talking to better know each other, establish rapport and then ask them to continue the conversation over lunch.


Social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. If you are not willing to buckle down and commit to investing your time and content for relationship building, move on now.

But if you see the potential ROI if you commit to a long term strategy, then I look forward to talking again in a few days.

Meanwhile, jump over to our Facebook Page and share your experiences with social media.

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