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I remember during high school my mom asking me what I wanted to do for a career. I told her I wanted to be happy.

Never wanted to be a vet or astronaut. Around age 10 I did have an interest n making a better computer than Bill Gates, but that didn’t stick. I simply was never career oriented and the closest I came to a specialty was majoring in foreign languages and film, neither of which I pursued.

I dropped out of high school out of necessity, but I dropped out of college out of boredom.  Recruited by a Fortune 500 company at age 17, I had only enrolled because of my manager’s prodding, but I didn’t see myself climbing the corporate ladder (I prefer rock climbing).

Those 5 years  of full-time employment were sprinkled with other jobs, anywhere from 2-3 at a time. I struggled to stay focused and motivated.

I decided I needed to pursue something I was more passionate about and got certified as a personal trainer. It was right up my alley and I quickly rose to a management position with a staff of 6 for a local franchise. It was in this position that I realized I actually LOVE business. Marketing campaigns, project management,  system operations; I was in business geek heaven.

As fate and divorce would have it, I had to walk away from what I thought was my dream job.  21, unemployed, divorced, and single mom of 2 boys. I was pissed, but pulled myself together enough to get another job, only to be laid off  6 months later because of the “tanked economy.”

And that’s when I’d had it. Something in me just refused to apply for another job again.

Rick and I had worked for the same company and he was laid off 3 weeks after me. We had always been friendly at work, but it wasn’t until after that we started to get to know each other better.

It was around this time that we had a conversation that changed the course of my life. I still remember it vividly: Rick had mentioned freelancing and sensing an opportunity, I literally whipped my head around and said “Well then why are you looking for a job?! We’ll just start a business.

For me, it was “DUH!” moment. Here was the opportunity I was waiting for, to pursue what I enjoyed with the flexibility to be there for my young children at a time when they needed me most. Rick looked at me like I had 3 heads but I looked at him thinking, “Oh this is going to be AWESOME!”

Using his old DBA as a platform, I got to work on landing our first contracts. Less than a year later, we incorporated, were running payroll  and had a part-time support member. We started self-funded, but this past year a micro-loan with Accion, through Kiva, enabled us to rebrand as PROFITGEEKS.

What I love about what I do is that not only do I spend my days implementing my ideas for my own business, but I get to share them with our clients..I have a strong interest in how businesses operate. I’m fascinated by how they tick. Each client brings a new perspective into an industry and an opportunity to observe and discover successful marketing activities.

Having a successful business creates massive transformation in your life; I’ve experienced this first-hand. Being able to pass that on, that’s the source of my inspiration that had previously been missing.

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