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Is your website fresh?

One of my younger brothers in college recently said this in a conversation,”When you’re fresh, you look younger.” (Thankfully, he wasn’t referring to me personally.) But it struck me that he’s right. When we keep up with our appearance with clean, in style clothing or a recent haircut, we look current, modern or maybe even trendy.

The same applies to your website. Out-of-date design style, much like 80’s clothes, gives us that “blast from the past” feeling. But when people are shopping around for a product or someone to hire, they are not looking for someone who does it the old way. They are looking for current, cutting edge products and services.

So is your website fresh? Here are some things to check for:

1. Is the copy-write information current with the right year? All too often we come across a website where the copywrite says 2008 or even earlier. That leads a potential client to believe you may not even be in business anymore.

2. Is your contact information still the same? Be sure to update it when you changes phone numbers or emails.

3. Is your website’s design current? Web design evolves significantly approximately every 2-3 years. You should update your design when you notice a major shift in style in other websites.

4. Is the content on your website up to date? It’s important that the information your website gives out isn’t years old, reflecting ideas or policies no longer practiced.

Remember to review your website regularly for information that might need to be edited. It’s also a good practice to follow other businesses in your industry to track any significant shifts in practices or advertising.

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