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I‘m often asked how I juggle my business, home schooling, keeping house and still have so much energy. Here’s my 2 part answer:
The first is prayer and trusting in God’s strength.

The second is time management, but I prefer to think of it as time accountability.

I began with listing every hour in the day and claiming each hour for a specific area in my life. I made these designations based on our personal priorities.

Now because every day is different(parents you get this), I created 2 alternating schedules with customizable “out” times. This covers days I have appointments out of the house/office on either mornings or afternoons.

To implement after creating your schedules, simply check your planner and tape up the appropriate schedule the night before where everyone can see it. We keep ours in the dining room.

Now when you are unsure of what’s next (or you’re like me, walking in and out of rooms forgetting what you’re doing) you can glance at your hour designation and get right back to task.

Note that this is a general allocated time schedule, not for details. You’ll only need to do this once, although I recommend a couple of drafts to get the right mix for you and your family.

Have a time management tip that works for you? Please share!

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