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I got an email from my dad the other day saying how impressed he was with my website except that there was no contact us page and the link on the services page didn’t work, “which could be kinda annoying.”

That’s right, my dad picked up not only an error, but also called me out on not having a contact us page. (If your wondering why he was even on the website, he says he was looking for my fax number.)

We’re a web development and design company and you’re probably thinking how could we have forgotten the contact us page? The truth is: we didn’t. We deliberately left it out because we agreed we didn’t have time to finish the tweaks with the current client work load we have. We agreed we would “sacrifice” the finishing touches for now and try to get away with including our contact info in the side bar on every page.

Guess what! We made another common error and this is something we warn people about doing too! We put a box with the title “Find Us” in the side bar menu with our phone number and email. My dad didn’t notice it and I’m realizing no one else may be either.

Here’s why: No one is looking to “find us”, they are looking to “contact us.”

Should you get creative with your design, absolutely! With your menu or titles? Maybe not so much. People have expectations of websites, like where the menu is located or how to find contact information. If you get a little too quirky, your potential clients might miss your message or critical information.

With that said, an official Contact Us page will be coming to within 1 week. Scouts honor.



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